What steps were taken before release of the provisional class rules?

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What steps were taken to consult RG65 ICA and others before release of the provisional class rules?


Log of actions over the last 15 months up to March 2017 concerning the dialog between the RG65 ICA, others and IRSA :

Dec 2015             Based on the interest of some National Members the IRSA TC develops a first rule to discuss within the Technical Committee of IRSA

Feb 2016             First contact of IRSA TC with Fredo Vollmer (RG65 ICA Chairman) by Gerd Mentges (Vice Chairman TC) and explaining the wish of IRSA to develop the RG65 class in a way that is acceptable for both IRSA and ICA. IRSA explained that this action is in no way an unfriendly act but an action which IRSA wants to make in conjunction with the RG65 ICA.

March 2016         First draft of a rule text send to Fredo Vollmer

March 2016         First draft send to the RG65 representative of USA

March 2016         First draft send to the German representative of RG65 ICA

May 2016             Discussion of the text (input from different parties, amongst others Fredo Vollmer, Earl Bobert, Graham Bantock)

June 2016            Sketches with possible faults using the current RG65 sail measurement rule send to Earl Bobert (USA)

June 2016            Survey from Fredo Vollmer send to all RG ICA countriesr recommending rejection of IRSA approach. Results in rejection of IRSA approach

June 2016            Advantages for the RG65 sailors sent to Fredo. Answer to his question concerning possible cost - there is no fee to be paid to IRSA

July 2016             IRSA did not give up the attempt of working together and sent a proposal to Fredo Vollmer for an official working group of IRSA and RG65 representatives

Sept 2016            Answer from Fredo Vollmer with some questions concerning the proposal and reply from Gerd Mentges

Oct. 2016             IRSA proposal for a personal meeting with Fredo Vollmer and ICA representatives to improve any cooperation.

Oct. 2016             Skype meeting Fredo Vollmer with Harry Drenth (RG representative for the Netherlands). Harry repeated the proposal for a meeting.

Nov 2016             Skype meeting Fredo Vollmer with Gerd Mentges. Announcement of publishing a "provisional rule” to progress the discussion and for public information.

Nov 2016             Gerd Mentges sent a DSV (German national WS and IRSA member) proposal for organization of a collaboration between a national RG community and an IRSA national member to Fredo Vollmer. 

This proposal shows opportunities of sailing together even if someone is not a member of the national organization.

Fredo Vollmer found this being a very good solution and mentions to translate it and send it to all RG national representatives.

Dec 2016             Transmission of the accompanying text to the provisional rule to Fredo Vollmer with the request to comment on it.

Jan 2017              Fredo Vollmer answers that the RG ICA has a lot of experts to take part in the proposed working group.

March 17             IRSA is still waiting for nominations of RG ICA representatives for the proposed working group.

March 17             Provisional RG65 class rule posted on IRSA website