How Can I Volunteer To Help In The IRSA?

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In other words, do you have a particular skill or experience that can help with the operation of the IRSA?

The IRSA is an association that serves over 30 National Organisations that maintain and promote Radio Controlled Sailing in their countries. Through these national bodies, the IRSA also serves the RC community as a whole, particularly being focused on the Internationally Recognised classes (10R, Marblehead, A-Class and IOM) and assisting emerging international classes. IOM sailors are served by their own international class association (ICA) called IOMICA, which is affiliated to the IRSA under a contract.

So you want to help?

There are many different aspects of the IRSA work that needs keen, skilled and enthusiastic people.

  1. Treasury and finance. 
  2. Interpretation and changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing. 
  3. Supporting the logistics of running World and Continental events
  4. Interpretation and changes to the class rules and measurement procedures.
  5. Development of international classes for those classes that are spread across the globe and can be indentified as being truely international.
  6. Organisation of the IRSA structure, in terms of ongoing analysis of the constitution and the various rules and regulations that direct the operations.
  7. And, there are other ongoing and sporadic needs.

Speaking of the Executive, the IRSA is divided into distinct working groups.

  1. The Executive Committee. This group are nominated and elected by the national bodies and IOMICA every two years. Each has their own job, so to speak, and often come together to discuss and sometimes vote on matters on the Executive Forum.
  2. The Committees. These assist in the development of various rules, interpretations and advice as matters turn up. They are invaluable to help the committee chairmen (who sit on the Executive) to bring quality and well thought through matters to the Executive for ratification or revision.

So where could a keen volunteer fit in?

If you wish to be part of the Executive, you will have to wait until the next General Assembly in April 2018. Apply to your national organisation to be nominated to the position you feel you can bring some solid expertise to.

If you wish to be part of a committee in the areas outlined in 1-6 above, and feel you have the experience and background to bring quality advice to these committees, then please don’t hesitate.... apply to your national body to be nominated. ​

The nomination does not mean you will automatically be involved. The nomination will be reviewed by the Committee Chairman and then the Executive and you will be required to supply information like sailing background and experience in the area you are applying for. There is no limit to the number of committee members, but you are required to be very proactive when the need arrives.

Please note.

IRSA does not take nominations directly from individuals, only the member national bodies. So all applications need to be forwarded through the national member of your country. Also, there is a limit of two volunteers per committee per country.

Looking forward to you joining a dedicated group wanting to put back into this beautiful sport and continue the considerable momentum already built up.