Is a GIZMO permitted in the 65 Class?

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Is a GIZMO and its derivatives, also known as BRESMO etc, permitted in the 65 Class? This device is actuated by the sheet of a swing rig when the rig is sheeted fully in and when the sheet is winched in further so that it acts on a lever or other device that automatically adjusts other rigging.



Relevant rules


The class rules for the 65 Class are open class rules in which anything not specifically prohibited by the class rules is permitted, where individual rules require, limit, or prohibit as necessary.

(a) No more than two channels of radio control shall be used.

(b) A rudder control unit shall control the rudder only.

(c) A sheet control unit shall control the mainsail sheet and/or headsail sheet only.
(d) Except where achieved by mechanical systems, automated control of rig and/or sails and automated steering and/or navigation are prohibited.


C.8.1 (c) prohibits the use of the sheet control unit for controlling anything other than the mainsail sheet and the headsail sheet. However, C.8.1 (d) makes it clear that mechanical systems that provide automated control of the rig and/or sails are not prohibited.

Hence the GIZMO and its derivatives are permitted in the 65 Class.