Leech control where there are no battens

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How does A Class rule G.3.2 (e) work where there are no batten pockets or battens?



G.3.2 (e) requires the batten pocket point to be found.

The batten pocket point is defined in the class rules as

"the intersection of the extended centreline of the batten pocket, or batten if there is no batten pocket, and the leech."

This case is much the same as a missing limit mark on the mast. If there is no batten pocket or batten the point cannot be found and the measurement cannot be taken. The official measurer should decline to sign the measurement forms (signing would indicate he had completed the task satisfactorily) or report that the measurement of the mainsail is incomplete on the measurement form and the certification authority will refuse to issue a certificate.

In practice the owner should be asked to add something that resembles a batten pocket (tape) or a batten (self adhesive glass sheet) in an appropriate place and the measurement (and in G.3.3) can be taken successfully.