Can the aft QBL measurement points be on the transom?

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Can the aft QBL measurement points be on the transom?


1994 Class Rule

The 1994 A CR 3.2.4. states that "QUARTER BEAM MEASUREMENT POINTS are located on the surface of the hull one tenth of the waterline beam above the waterline and one quarter of the waterline beam from the centreline". The question is whether the transom is a part of the hull? Transom is a part of the hull according to the Equipment Rules of Sailing. Before the transom was included in the ERS definition of hull there was an interpretation in the Ten Rater Class that concluded the transom was part of the hull. There is, therefore, no reason to think that the definition of the hull in the Equipment Rules of Sailing, although not applicable for the 1994 A CR, should be unfamiliar to the average measurer/ builder/designer.

Quarter Beam Measurement Points may be located on the transom in accordance with requirements of A CR 3.2.4. Attention is drawn to the requirements of A CR 3.3.3 – the restriction on hollows in the surface of the hull apply equally to the transom.

2016 Class Rule

The QBL measurement points are required to be on the external surface of the hull shell (CR H.5.9). In ERS D.1.1 the hull is defined as 'The shell including the transom,.....'.