Can a class that is not an IRSA class have a world or continental championship?

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No. Such an event would be defined by World Sailing as a prohibited event.

Some time back WS delegated responsibility for the international administration of radio sailing to IRSA and it is through this affiliation that IRSA is able to grant the right to run WORLD and continental championships in the rc international classes. WS protects the right to call a sailing event a world or continental championship – claiming an event is one when it is not sanctioned by WS or IRSA is a breach of the WS rules and can result in competitors being excluded from legitimate sailing events.

IRSA is the international class association for the Marblehead, Ten Rater and A Classes. The International One Metre has its own independent international class association, IOMICA, that is responsible for the administration of the IOM class and which is affiliated to IRSA. All these classes hold world championships from time to time and the events are run under the guidance of IRSA’s & IOMICA’s regulations using the well known Appendix E of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

In order that any class may hold any event titled ‘world championship’ or '(continental) championship' it has to have IRSA designated status. However, the classes that are not already IRSA designated classes e.g. RC Laser, DragonForce, DragonFlite, RG65, Micro Magic, have a clear pathway to follow (see IRSA Regulations) if they wish to pursue the goal or holding world or continental championships.