Title Class
Certificate/sail measurement for the provisional class? RG65
What steps were taken before release of the provisional class rules? RG65
How large can the sailmaker label be on sails? Or the manufacturer label on other items of equipment? 10R,IOM,M,IRSA,Classes,Rules,Sail Identification
Leech control where there are no battens A
Template to assist measurement of Marblehead sails and rigs M
Restrictions on primary and/or secondary reinforcement on Marblehead Class sails? M
Is it permitted to use deck-spreaders? M
When sail marks are not clearly legible/compliant Events,Sail Identification
Are these sail marks compliant with the RRS? Events,Sail Identification
How might a rc foiling class take off? Classes,Multihull
Class rules for an international foiling class? Classes,Multihull
How is the area of the mast measured when the mast passes the deck at two points? 10R
Is the area of a fitting that has a faired section included in the measured rig area? 10R
Are rotating mast fittings included in the measured rig area? 10R
Is the area of a mast stub included in the measured rig area? 10R
Does the Certification Authority have to use an official stamp in the relevant place when issuing a certificate? 10R,A,IOM,M,Classes
What has happened to the previous interpretations? 10R,A,M
Can the aft QBL measurement points be on the transom? A
Square boom spar cross section under 2002 CR M
How Can I Volunteer To Help In The IRSA? IRSA
How sails are checked at an event for compliance with the certificate. 10R
Multiple certificates are not wanted! Events,Classes
How the 2016 revised class rules were approved? 10R,A,M,IRSA,Classes
How to suggest changes to class rules? 10R,A,M,Classes
Could the RG65 class run its own affairs? RG65
What is the pathway to a first world championship for the RG65 class? RG65
Could the RG65 owners create their own international class rules? RG65
Why does there have to be a draught limit? RG65
What would an IRSA RG65 class rules look like? RG65
What else in the class rules might be different? RG65
Why is SCR format required for the class rules? RG65
What is required for the RG65 class to become recognised by IRSA? RG65
Why is IRSA interested in the RG65 class? RG65
Can the RG65 class have a world championship? RG65
Under what rules are sails certified for a 10R certified before 1st July 2016? 10R
Use of boats with certificates issued by sources other than IRSA affiliated bodies? 10R,A,IOM,M,Events
Is it necessary to have smaller sails measured and certified? 10R,A,M
An alternative sail need not fit within the profile of the 'largest' measured sail? 10R
Certificate invalidity on change of ownership 10R,A,IOM,M,IRSA,Events,Classes,Rules
Tack point & lower limit mark on double luff (pocket luff) sails A,M
What is the difference between a Q&A and an interpretation? 10R,A,IOM,M,RG65,IRSA,Events,Classes,Rules
Where can I find the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS)? 10R,A,IOM,M,RG65,IRSA,Events,Classes,Rules
Is one set of hull registration numbers on the hull sufficient? 10R,A,IOM,M
Why are boat weights and lengths not required to be checked at certification control (measurement)? IOM
Why is the waterline length not required to be checked at certification control (measurement)? 10R
Placement of aft waterline limit mark on reverse sloping transom 10R
Where to place the deck limit mark? IOM
Who is the certification authority for an owner? 10R,A,IOM,M
Who issues a certificate? 10R,A,IOM,M
Where there are multiple deck limit marks. M
Rotating mast head fitting M
Hull beam less than 100 mm. M
Measured area of spars to which headsail booms are attached 10R
Is a ‘V’ tail aft overhang permitted? 10R
Is it possible to have a ‘virtual’ maximum size rig? 10R
Waterline limit marks on a boat with plumb ends and zero overhang length. 2002 Class Rules. 10R
The need to float a boat to establish the waterline length. 10R
Identification of sails when a boat holds a certificate for more than one class. 10R,A,IOM,M
Is it permitted to use a canting keel? 10R,A,IOM,M
Is it permitted to change the rigging or fittings on the mast spar and/or main boom spar? A
Is it permitted to use an alternative mast spar and/or main boom spar? A
Irregularities in the deck near the mast A
Measurement of reduced area sails with an extended luff A
Dual certification of boats in any of the IRSA classes 10R,A,IOM,M
Correct width measurements of a mainsail with a partial pocket luff. M