from Richard Rowan (General Secretary/Treasurer) 


For the period 2012 to 2013

  In the 2 years since the 2012 General Assembly,  a number of members of the Executive Committee,  including the Chairman Des Fairbank and the Chairman of the Racing Rules Committee Roy Granich,    took up the task of looking after the IRSA accounts.  It became clear during this period that transactions concerning the outstanding Member subscription balances due in 2006 had to be taken account of.

  Accordingly,  following my co-option in November 2013 and as part of my remit as Treasurer,  I have now prepared a set of accounts which will be submitted to the 2014 GA.  These   accounts have drawn on the work done by Des and Roy. 

  The following   decisions were made to expedite the process:
  (1)   A two year period was chosen as the number of transactions occurring in the accounts was very small (12 number in total).
  (2)   The start date was chosen as 1st March 2012 as this date coincides with the closing date of the accounts approved at the 2012 GA.
  (3)   The end date was set to 31st October 2013 as required by the Constitution.
  (4)   The accounts now correctly show opening and closing Member subscription debtor and creditor balances.
  (5)   A loan made to IOMICA in 2003 is now also shown in the opening and closing debtor balances.
  (6)   The accounts also show a closing creditor balance which represents an agreed item of expenditure which had not been reimbursed at 31st October 2013.

  The accounts were independently inspected and agreed by Chris Durant (former MYA Secretary to Council).

Statement of accounts for the period 1st March 2012 to 31st October 2013

Make up of DNM/MNA Debtors figure at 31st October 2013
Make up of DNM/MNA Debtors figure at 29th February 2012

For the period 2009 to 2012

  As part of the preparation of accounts for the period since the last GA,  a further set of accounts were prepared from 2009 through to 29th February 2012.  The opening and closing   balances and the income and expenditure sections of this set of accounts is identical to the Statement of Income and Expenditure as agreed at the 2012 GA.  This new set of accounts now correctly includes the Member subscriptions and IOMICA loan debtor figures,    and as these debtor figures did not change   during the period,  they therefore had no effect on the bank balances and income and expenditure figures originally stated.

  Noting that it proved quite difficult   to obtain consistent documentation concerning the period for the accounts agreed at the GA.

  This set of accounts is included here for informational purposes only.  However,  their merit is that they make available verified accounts right back to when ISAF RSD / IRSA was re-constituted in 2009.

Statement of accounts for the period 1st November 2009 to 29th February 2012

  The following document was prepared by ISAF RSD and shows the subscription status of the Division Members in the years from 2006 through to 2009.  It was previously published on the web site.
Subscription status of Division Members 2010

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