February 2018



Approved by the Executive Committee 2018-03-04

Notes on the revision process and the changes

February 2014

In terms of our constitution, there are two options available for a country to be granted membership of IRSA

October 2017

While IRSA supports all forms and classes of radio sailing, its support of an IRSA Class is intended to ensure that class meets the standards required for international competition of the highest quality.

  ICA Agreements

October 2014

Signed copy of the IRSA IOMICA Agreement relating to the IOM Class



These guidelines cover the business of Formal Meetings in IRSA (including the General Assembly) and in the EC, where proposals are specified by the agenda, may not otherwise be freely introduced, and amendments to the proposals on the agenda are not discussed but referred if they obtain majority support.

These guidelines cover the day-to-day business of the EC "in committee", where proposals may be made at any time that a proposer feels appropriate, and where discussion and voting take place through asynchronous electronic communication.

A number of documents provide rules and guidelines for the conduct of business in IRSA and IRSA committees and sub-committees. The intention of this document on "Decorum" is to provide some guidelines, not provided in these other documents, on how IRSA wishes to do business and thus on how IRSA Officers and supporters should go about IRSA business.

These guidelines cover internal EC elections, such as the election of an official IRSA Representative at an international event, or the election of the chairman of an ad hoc committee. The guidelines may also be used by committees and sub-committees of the EC.

Officer Holders retain the copyright to their Work while holding office, and IRSA requires every Office Holder to licence their Work to IRSA.

Disciplinary matters may arise in two areas, concerning matters either within or outside IRSA Meetings.



Effective from 1 March 2020


Notes on the significant changes and their rationale

Rules and Recommendations for Adoption and Control of International Classes

  Questions and Answers

Where no interpretation is required, but only an explanation of the effect of the class rules, it follows that it would be appropriate to deal with the original request by issuing a Q&A to be published on the IRSA website and elsewhere as appropriate.


The Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) govern the equipment used in the sport. They are revised and published every four years by World Sailing.

This manual is designed to be a reference guide for existing International Measurers, with the aim of contributing to consistency in measurement / inspection all over the world.

These notes give guidance to equipment inspectors, who may form all or part of a technical committee, at IRSA events with the intention of streamlining the process for the mutual benefit of the customers and race committee as a whole.

November 2017

International Ten Rater Class Sail Measurement Procedure a suggested method

International A Class Measurement Procedure A suggested method



  Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) govern the sport of sailing on the water. They are revised and published every four years by World Sailing


April 2017

A Case Book for Radio Sailing -- Interpretations of the racing rules. Prepared by Gordon Davies and Peter M. Johnson, ISAF Racing Rules Committee.

The Case Book details interpretations of the Racing Rules of Sailing. It has been published by World Sailing for over 40 years and is available to download online.

  Notice of Race

This guide provides wording for NOR designed primarily for major championships. It has been written presuming that an International Jury is to be appointed and that racing will be umpired under IRSA Addendum Q.

  Sailing Instructions

This guide provides a set of tested sailing instructions designed primarily for major championship regattas. They presume that an International Jury has been appointed and that races will be umpired under IRSA Addendum Q. 

  Heat Management Systems

This document is copyright MYA

  Manuals and Guidance

The intention of this document is to deal only with Course Management –laying the course, starting, finishing and other tasks on the water.

These guidelines are intended to assist protest committees in their decision making, and to inform competitors of the likely outcome of a protest by establishing a clear method for calculating penalty points or turns penalties. 

Notes to introduce the revised Appendix E rules concerning identification on sails and indicate the significant changes and their rationale.


This procedure is intended for use at events where umpires are operating under IRSA Addendum Q.

System for Reducing Protest Hearings

This is an updated version of the accelerated procedure as used at the IOMICA Worlds 2019 in Brazil.


umpiring for radio sailing events

June 2014

For use at events to which an International Jury has been appointed

Document setting out the strategy used by the umpire team at the 2015 IOM Worlds. The strategy aimed at ensuring coverage of the whole fleet and consistent positioning so that similar incidents are viewed from a similar position.

This is an updated version of IRSA Addendum Q. Changes have been made in light to comments and suggestions received and in attempt to make the document more user friendly. In particular, this version makes clear how incidents unresolved by the umpires will be handled. This version is based on the 2017 RRS. An updated version for the 2021 RRS is being prepared.
The IRSA Rules for Umpired Radio Sailing have now been adopted by World Sailing. These rules should now be used for all umpired events.



December 2014

There are two representative roles at an international event – an Official Class Representative of the ICA, and an Official Radio Sailing Representative of IRSA. The document outlines these roles so that useful knowledge and experience gained by the organising authority, the race committee, and the judge/umpire team is channelled for future use.

December 2014

The document explains the mechanism to allocate funds to event representatives.

December 2014

IRSA Allowances for Official Representatives

This policy is to welcome, support, and reconcile all parties who wish to participate in IRSA events, and to assist event organisers to promote events which conform to the Racing Rules of Sailing.


January 2013

Championship Regulations

February 2013

To be completed by an Association Member applying to host a World or Continental Championship







January 2015

Our IRSA World Radio Sailing identity is much more than just a symbol and a typeface. It is an expression of the organization, its personality. A strong identity will enhance our performance.



IRSA logo as black and white

January 2015

IRSA is the worldwide radio sailing organization as an affiliated member of ISAF. IRSA is dedicated to the enhancement of both current and emerging world radio sailing classes through the promotion and development of consistent class rules, measurement methods, radio yachting racing rules and advice in running major racing events.

  Press releases

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