Secretary and 10R ICC Chairman
Selwyn Holland

Who am I
I am 62 years old with two beautiful children (son Lachlan and daughter Ebony) and live with my wonderful wife Catherine in a small seaside village 2 hours south of Sydney at Kiama.

My life career has been a deep involvement in the science and mathematics education of our children. I have held many different positions in schools, administration and in the last 10 years as an independent author of science education resources and learning materials. With a friend, we also developed a significant corporate training business based on the east coast of Australia.

While I am now entering retirement I continue to be involved as a professional writer and publisher in the Australian education environment.

Experience in sailing
I have had a long term involvement in yachting in various forms stretching back to the 1970’s. I have owned and sailed cat rigged Windrushes, super sloop Windrushes, Prindle 15s and crewed on many different trailerable yachts over the years.

I started in radio yachting around 2007 and rapidly became an enthusiastic member of the radio yachting community. I actively sail IOMs, 10 Raters and A Class yachts at club, state and national levels. I am a member of the Wollongong Model Yacht Club and hold an additional club membership at Kogarah Bay Radio Yacht Club in Sydney. I am also one of three measurers within my local club at Wollongong.

Experience in administration in radio sailing
I am currently serving my second term as the NSWRYA Publicity Officer and therefore a part of the NSWRYA Management Committee. I am also in my second term as the Australian national ARYA 10 Rater class coordinator. I took on these positions because I believe that to be involved in a sport, one should be involved at all levels and try to ease up the work load of those few who volunteer to effectively run these organisations.

I come with vast experience in small to large committees (both official and voluntary), holding all positions from president and chairperson across the administration range. I seem to have the ability and skill set to pull together projects and follow them through to the end.

Objectives for IRSA
I am part of the CEEFIE team and decided to volunteer my time once I had come to understand what they were hoping to achieve, to improve, to enhance and move forward the already significant work carried out by the IRSA.

I feel that I can bring enthusiasm and a strong background of “getting projects done” to help steer the future of radio yachting and our beautiful sport.

My philosophy is that change only comes when enthusiastic people take charge and get things done. Committees are supposed to represent the membership effectively, with openness and direction. I believe I will bring to this organisation a skill set that can assist in steering it through any future challenges and changes as they occur.

I am, therefore, in support of the CEEFIE group led by Lester Gilbert and Graham Bantock with their ideas and plans to modernise and further strengthen the IRSA to support it’s members throughout the world.