What steps were taken before release of the 65 Class rules?

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What steps were taken to consult with RG65 ICA and others before release of the provisional IRSA 65 Class rules?


In December 2015, the IRSA TC started the development of a discussion rules document for 65cm long monohulls. This was based on interest from some of the IRSA National Members and in recognition that the current RG65 Class rules were not in a format acceptable to run an approved Championship.

The IRSA TC aimed to give to the RG65 community a set of rules that would suit the class and also be in an acceptable WS format.

The document went through several iterations based on feedback from the RG65 ICA representatives and other stakeholders in the ensuing months until a dedicated working party was set up within the IRSA website to accelerate the development of the class rules.

The forum included three delegates from the RG65 ICA and three from the IRSA along with a large observer base from stakeholders and interested parties from around the world. The observers were allowed to introduce ideas through any of the delegates present.

This working party ran from March 2017 to December 2017. Each part of the draft rules was analysed and discussed. This resulted in a document called the 65 Class rules which has since been approved by the IRSA EC and is now published on the IRSA site under Classes.

It needs to be noted that the RG65 ICA has requested that these 65 Class rules should not be confused with the current RG65 Class rules under their care.

The 65 Class rules are, in a sense, a “generic” set of rules that could help any class of this size to develop and run a “Championship Event”