What do the IRSA 65 Class rules look like?

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You can find the provisional IRSA 65 Class rules under the relevant sections of this website (look under Documents and/or Classes).

In creating the IRSA 65 class rules, based on the RG65 class rules, the guiding principles have been:

  • The class rules are written in the WS SCR format using terms defined in the ERS. 
  • The sail measurement system is specified 
  • Ballast materials denser than lead are prohibited 
  • A draught limit is introduced 
  • Sail marks rules are rationalised with those in Appendix E of the RRS 
  • The rules for racing are specified as the RRS. 
  • Changing the fin/ballast unit after each day’s racing is prohibited. 
  • Measurement and certification of boats is by independent official measurers 