Is it permitted to use an alternative mast spar and/or main boom spar?

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Except when the original mast spar or main boom spar are damaged, no. CR C.7.2  permits that the mast spar and main boom spar, when lost or damaged beyond repair, may be replaced with the approval of the race committee.

C.4.2 requires the boat to sail with the mast spar and main boom spar used when the boat was measured for the certificate in use at the event.

The clear implication of C.4.2 is that if the mast spar or main boom spar are replaced then the boat shall be re-measured. If the boat complied with its certificate (and the dimensions on it) no further action is required. If it does not comply with its certificate then the necessary adjustments shall be made to the boat and/or the measurements forms and a new certificate shall be issued.

The 1994 class rule has the same effect.