26 Jan

Draft versions of the Generic Section A & B, Marblehead, Ten Rater and A Class rules were sent to each IRSA DNM for comment at the end of November.  Comment has been received from a few DNMs and responses have been made. Some amendments...

30 Nov

After a tremendous effort by working members of the Technical Committee, Part 1 of the Class Rules Upgrades has been completed and Part 2 is now being entered. This involves sending the Drafts and explanations of changes to the members for "peer...

18 Aug

Gooseneck & kicking strap: IOMICA proposal to change class rules

11 Mar

A recent decision explains the rule that a boat may only have a certificate issued by the country of the owner.

01 Feb

Today we added the new Question and Answers Library to the website.

02 Jan

To identify a set of class rules that would be suitable for a foiling rc class we founded a sub committee of the technical committee with the following members: Ian Holt, Alex Cory, Chris Engelhardt, Dave Creed, David Alston and Richard Wills.

15 Dec

Today we started reviewing the class rules of the A Class, Marblehead, and Ten Rater.

05 Dec

There are a number of class rule interpretations on the IRSA website that are mostly, or all, out of date. Some of these may require rule changes which will be incorporated into the revised rules that will be produced in the near future. Those...