26 Jan

Please Note: An error in validity check calculation has been found in 10R MFs and certificate Excel file - Version V6a.

It has been corrected in 10R MFs and certificate Excel file - Version V6b.

If you already used version V6a...

12 Dec

The Technical Committee of the IRSA has made some updates to the 10R Class Rules to clarify some points. These changes are outlined, along with the reasons in the attached document.

The effective date for the changes will be...

08 Oct

An IRSA TC review is currently being carried out on better ways to measure and event check 10Rs.

It is obvious now that the proposed changes may affect the new single page certificate, so the TC has decided to hold off the...

13 Nov

the following Q&As have been updated:

Which spars of a Ten Rater swing rig can be excluded from the certified rig area?

Measured area of...

06 Nov

October 2018 revision of the 10R Class Rules has been done based on the DNM for GBR submission for a formal proposal to change J.1 (a) of the class rules to clear up the issue with swing rigs not complying with the class rules unless both (or...

28 Sep

The Technical Committee Members are now complete

TC Members list

Welcome to all!

17 Jul

The 65, M, 10R and A class rules have certain restrictions and limitations relating to booms. In 2018 it became apparent that the ERS definition of a boom - a spar attached at one end to a mast spar or a hull and on which the...

28 Feb

The EC recently voted for the 2018 updated class rules which are now published and come into effect on 1 April 2018.

Here comes the certification material for the revised class rules....