The Technical Committee has responsibility for advising and making recommendations to the EC regarding:

  • The Regulations for IRSA Classes and their Class Rules (Articles 8 to 18).
  • International Class Administration Rules.
  • Methods and procedures for measurement of boats and equipment.
  • Revised class rules for 2018
    02 Jan 2018 (Technical Committee)

    The EC recently voted for the 2018 updated class rules which are now published and come into effect on 1 April 2018. Main changes are on...

  • 10 Rater Rig & Sail Measurement Guide
    08 Nov 2017 (Technical Committee)

    An illustrated guide showing the equipment and steps taken to carry out correct certification control (measurement) of the rig and sails of a 10...

  • Guide Notes for Event Equipment Inspection
    08 Nov 2017 (Technical Committee)

    Notes designed to assist those who will carry out the pre-event (and during event) equipment inspection are listed under the Measurement section of...

  • RG65 Provisional Class Rules
    27 Feb 2017 (Technical Committee)

    After reasonable development the Technical Committee has now published the Provisional Class Rules for the RG65 class. Time to add to the class...

  • Certificates Updates
    14 Oct 2016 (Technical Committee)

    we have made some typograhical updates on the Marblehead, Ten Rater and A class Certificate Excel Sheet. M 2016 certificate 10R 2016 measurement forms...