It has been a busy few months for the incoming Racing Committee. The deadline for submissions to ISAF for changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing was fast approaching. Proposals for changes on Appenidx E were transmitted to the ISAF Racing Rule Committee Appendix E Working Party who, after considering them, then transmitted them to the ISAF RRC Working Party for 2017 rule changes. In due course they will become submissions made by the Chairman of Race Committee.

The proposed changes

They will be debated in November at ISAF Conference.

Changes to Appendix E

Rule E1.2 Terminology
To clarify a definition that is not interpreted consistently.
Submission 238-15

Rule E3.5 Individuall Recall.
To correct an unintended omission carried forward from the RRS 2009 - 2012.
Submission 239-15

Rule E3.6 General Recall.
After a general recall, to revert to commencing the new starting sequence with the warning signal.
Submission 240-15

Rule E3.9 Disabled Competitors
To require the race committee to make reasonable arrangements for disabled competitors to complete on equal terms.
Submission 241-15

Rule E4.2 Outside Help
To clarify the rule and correct omissions.
Submission 242-15

Rule E6.6 Redress
To remove a condition for redress that has proved unworkable in practice.
Submission 243-15

Rule E8 Changes to Appendix G, Identification on Sails
To provide a clear guideline for the size and positioning of identification on sails, especially for sails that are too small for regulation size numbers and letters.
Submission 255-15

There were widespread consultations, largely through networks of participants at various World and Continental Championships and other networks of those active in various internet forums and informal discussion groups.

In our haste, and with an Executive and Racing Committee engaged in discovering, and in many cases updating, existing procedures there was little formal consultation with IRSA DNMs. Establishing such a procedure must be a priority. The date limit for submissions for the 2021- 2024 rule book will be 31st July 2019. In light of our experience this year, this suggest that proposals from DNMs and other sources should reach Racing Committee by 31st December 2018!