The Racing Committee has the responsibility for advising and making recommendations to the EC regarding:

  • Appendix E of the Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.
  • Regulations for the Organisation of Championships.
  • Racing and Observing Systems.
  • Management of Races.
  • IRSA Discretionary Penalties Guidelines for Radio Sailing
    14 Sep 2016 (Racing Committee)

    Racing Rule E7, Penalties allows the protest committee considerable discretion in giving penalties for breaches of many rules. The IRSA...

  • IRSA NOR and SI Guide
    14 Sep 2016 (Racing Committee)

    IRSA has updated the IRSA Notice of Race and Sailing Instruction Guides. These documents propose standard wording for Notices of Race and Sailing...

  • Addendum Q update
    12 Sep 2016 (Racing Committee)

    A proposal in the Executive Committee to add in IRSA Addendum Q: Q1.1 (g) After the first sentence of rule 20.1 add ‘The competitor controlling the...

  • IRSA Race Management Policies
    05 Sep 2016 (Racing Committee)

    The IRSA Race Management Policies for Major Events are now available on the IRSA Website. This document proposes policies for race management at...

  • Race Management Policies for International Events (DNM Consultation Paper)
    20 Feb 2016 (Racing Committee)

    The IRSA Racing Committee has been working on adapting a widely used ISAF/World Sailing  document which sets out “Race Management Policies for...