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29 Sep

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23 Sep

The IRSA Executive Committee has received and accepted the resignation of Gordon Davies as Racing Committee Chairman with immediate effect. We thank Gordon for his work as RC Chairman, and seek nominations for co-option to the vacant office of...

20 Sep


Limone sul Garda, September 20, 2016. Everything is well prepared for the IRSA (International Radio Sailing Association) World Championship. 124 participants from 15 countries have registered for the regattas in Limone sul...

07 Sep

In other words, do you have a particular skill or experience that can help with the operation of the IRSA?

The IRSA is an association that serves over 30 National Organisations that maintain and promote Radio Controlled Sailing in...

21 Jul

Our reorganized Question and Answers Section has a lot updates. Also on the Question:

How can I participate in the development of class rules or racing rules or...

30 Jun

Final versions of the revised class rules and accompanying measurement forms and certification material that become effective on 1st July are now available on the IRSA website.

Minor errors have been edited out.  If any errors...

29 May

At the recent IOM World Championships in Foster City, California an allegation was made that during a race one competitor had struck another. This was immediately investigated by the International Jury and found to be true and a letter was...