Biblis/Germany, June 4th 2018. Brad Gibson in once again the World Champion of the 10 Rater (2016, 2018) and Marblehead Class (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018). The silver medal went to Christoph Boisnault France who participated 30 ago in Berlin achieving a 12th place while bronze went to Peter Stollery Great Britain who also had raced in Berlin in 1988. It was close racing in stifling heat and mostly light wind at SV Biblis on the Riedsee. The final result was raced for in a total of 87 heats.

Ten Rater World Championship 24.05 – 26.05.2018ten rater prize giving
While the wind had been great all week, the World Championship started with a 3 hour wait for wind. At 1 pm a steady breeze developed so that racing could get under way. Quickly, a total of 9 heats was completed in three groups. After these three rounds it was close at the top with Brad Gibson on 4 points leading from Matteo Longhi ITA on 7 points and Christoph Boisnault FRA with 10 points. he evening concluded with the so-called international dinner where the participants brought along specialties from 16 different countries.

25.05.2018 in the early morning the Riedsee was covered in thick fog. The fog was cleared away by a light breeze at around 10 o'clock and so the fourth and fifth round could be carried out quickly. In the afternoon, the sailors had to wait a few more hours in stifling heat before at a steady north wind arrived at around 4pm. The races were now extended to 7pm and so could 6 heats could be completed. With 7 rounds completed Brad Gibson GBR had the lead with 5 points but Matteo Longhi ITA and Christoph Boisnault FRA were now tied on 11 points. They day way completed with the famous paella of SV Biblis.Boats 10R Brad Gibson GBR 42

26.05.2018 contrary to the forecast the 3rd day of the World Championship only offered little wind for sailing. Nevertheless, race director Pierre Gonnet and Jürgen Eiermann managed to finish six more races in best conditions. This however could not change the result that much, and so the new World Champion is the old World Champipn Brad Gibson GBR with 12 points ahead of Christoph Boisnault FRA with 20 points and Matteo Longhi ITA with 22 points. Best German was Gerd Mentges with a very good 9th place.

Marblehead World Championship 28.05 – 01.06.2018marblehead prize giving
The first day started with a light breeze from the north east and this allowed for three rounds with a total 15 heats to be completed on this day. At the end of the day and before the "International Dinner", where all sailors present specialties from their countries, Christoph Boisnault FRA was leading with 3 points ahead of Brad Gibson GBR with 8 points and Ellio Cavallio ITA with 12 points

29.05.2018 a steady breeze from north made for another four races to be sailed on this day. After seven full rounds Christoph Boisnault was 8 points ahead of Brad Gibson with 10 points and Peter Stollery with 19 points.

Boats Brad Gibson GBR 42 Christoph Boisnault FRA 13 and Peter Stollery GBR 3930.05.2018 On this day, the wind made a break and the sailors had to hold out in the shade until the afternoon when finally, a steady breeze from the east set in. Then, however, two full rounds were sailed and the third round started. After 9 races Christoph Boisnault and Brad Gibson were almost tied with two points’ difference and together with the third placed Peter Stollery they had already separated from the remaining fleet by more than 10 points.

31.05.2018 once again the wind did not really want to appear that day and so the rounds were essentially raced between 5pm and 8pm. However, the time was used meaningfully and so in the morning a meeting of the International Marblehead class with all present 76 sailors was carried out. In addition to the development of the class, the applications for the World Champonship 2020 - England or Italy were discussed.

01.06.2018 On the last day of the World Championships the Riedsee welcomed the participants with a nice southerly breeze allowing for a quick strart of the last races. However, Brad Gibson was unbeatable and confidently won rounds 11 and 12. In the end, Henning Faas and his team tried to complete one more round, but unfortunately missed the time limit by 5 minutes. Thus, also in the Marblehead class is the old the new World Champion Brad Gibson GBR with 22 points ahead of Christophe Boisnault FRA with 29 points and Peter Stollery GBR with 38 points. Best German was Valentin Fuchs in 20th place.

from Left Nigel Winkley Henning Faas Matteo LonghiAt the joint closing dinner Henning Faas and his organizing team received standing ovations for a few minutes for the perfect organization of the event. After 30 years it is once again Germany that has set new standards for the World Championship.

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About SV Biblis
The sailing club Biblis e. V., was founded in 1976 in Biblis. Since 1993, the club has leased a large area with sufficient moorings for boats and parking lots at Riedsee. The club house has a large common room with kitchen as well as clean toilets and hot showers. For children there is a playground with sandpit and water slide.
Sailing and surfing play a big role at SV Biblis. In a very active youth group, children and adolescents are trained in Optimists, 420s and Lasers. The club annually conducts several regattas for classes such as Finn-Dinghy, Laser and 470s. Focussed classes are: Finn Dinghy, Catamarans, Lasers, 420s, 470s, Corsair, Pirates, Jeton, Teeny.
Aubout the IRSA International Radio Sailing Association
IRSA is the worldwide RC sailing organization and associate member of World Sailing. IRSA promotes existing and future RC sailing classes through the development and distribution of consistent class rules, survey methods, racing rules and support for international events. As an associate member of World Sailing, IRSA awards World and Continental Championships to its members

About Radio Sailing
In many ways they are similar to the "big ones", but they are not the same. Our boats are pure racing machines. The sailors on the shore steers the boat with the help of radio controls. You can control the rudder angle and the sails so that the boats are as fast as possible according to the wind direction. The boats are keelboats with the largest part of the weight in the ballast at the end of the keel. Therefore, they cannot capsize even in strong winds. Sailing is in accordance with World Sailing's International Racing Rules amended by Appendix E for radio controlled sailing. The courses are generally up- and downwind with a maximum leg length of 300 meters.

About the Marblehead Class
These boats are light, responsive and very fast. The class rules have only a few limitations and allow for a wide spectrum of designs within the boundaries of overall length, draught and sail area. Some professional designs have achieved outstand results.
Overall length:  1290mm
Draught:   660mm
Sail area:   0,5161 m²

About the Ten Rater Class
Boats in the Ten Rater (10R) class are not limited in length by the class rules and usually have overhangs extending beyond their waterline endings. They are generally light, narrow, stable, seaworthy and fast. This rule is based on the 1887 "length and sail area rating rule" which allows shorter waterline length boats to have higher sail areas, while longer LWL boats have smaller sails. It is an ‘open’ rule with great freedom to develop design and construction, particularly in rigs and sail plans. Many different hull forms can be found in the 10R class.
Overall length:  1300-1800mm
Weight:  5-7kg
Sail area:  0,9-1,1m²

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