11 Jan

A part of the “mission statement” of the IRSA is to recognise and assist classes that have the potential to become a global competitive group.

While the RG65 class is well established across the world, the RG65 Class rules and class...

10 Jan

There have been questions and discussion in recent times concerning what the situation is with “prohibited events” and how IRSA and WS view these events.

To accompany the recently published IRSA Policy on Eligibility and Prohibited...

05 Jan

We have received an application for IRSA membership from the Austrian Sailing Federation / Österreichischer Segel-Verband ÖSV. They are an ISAF MNA, and so meet the requirements of Articles 5.1 and 5.2 of our Constitution.


10 Dec


In the run-up to the 2018 GA, the proposed constitution has failed to receive approval from the DNMs. This has led to a number of issues:

  • The current constitution continues to be significantly out of date on

27 Nov

For years, especially before major events, it is discussed whether participants are eligible to participate who have previously participated in not sanctioned by World Sailing events.

Requirements by World Sailing RRS:

22 Nov

The EC recently voted for this document on Class Policy. This has been developed to supplement and summarise the Regulations and Constitution on this matter.

The following are some key points in this policy document:

  1. In

08 Nov

The IRSA Executive Committee worked for several months on a updated constitution. The current constitution is out of date on necessary housekeeping matters, such as the name change of ISAF to WS. But there are more changes necessary e.g....

16 Mar

Attached the IRSA Annual Reports for 2016