05 Jun

The Chairman submitted Proposal 2014-S-1 Publish voting records on 16/05/2014. This proposal proposes that for every vote taken in the EC, committee, or sub-committee, a note is made of who voted and in what way. The voting record is then...

03 Jun

The Secretary submitted Proposal 2014-I-1 Establish a webpage to communicate IRSA business on the web site on 30/05/2014. This proposal is concerned with setting a up a new page on the IRSA web site to publish all committee business. As the...

16 May

The Chairman has posted his preliminary proposals for the constitutional, regulatory, and structural topics which need addressed in the 2014/2015 period. The current version of the list together with the current status of each topic is shown in...

07 May

This is to advise that the Secretary/Treasurer, the Racing Officer, and the Publicity Officer have submitted their resignations from the IRSA Executive Committee.

09 Mar

Radio Sailing and its Future Organisational Relationship with the International Sailing Federation             March 2009

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