12 Nov

Following the requirements as set out in Articles 7.20 and 7.21 of the Constitution, the EC has co-opted Gordon Davies (IRL) as Racing Chairman, and Henning Faas (GER) as Publicity Officer.
(Voting - In favour: Chairman, OP Chairman, RO...

11 Nov

Selwyn Holland (AUS), Regional Officer Oceania, has accepted the EC proposal to act as Secretary until such time as another can be co-opted.
(Voting - In favour: Chairman, OP Chairman, RO Europe, RO Oceania, Technical Chairman,...

09 Nov

O & P Committee members have been approved.  Welcome to Ted Flack (USA) and Lindsay Walker (AUS).

10 Oct

The EC has approved and signed a renewed IOMICA Agreement, and has asked IOMICA to sign it.  There is no material change to the Agreement.  It needed re-signing because of the name change from RSD to IRSA.
(Voting - In favour: Chairman,...

06 Oct

The EC has drafted revised IRSA Regulations, and circulated them to the Membership (DNMs, IOMICA) for comment.

27 Sep

The Formal Meeting has approved IRSA Guidelines for Meetings, one set (P1) for more formal meetings such as the General Assembly, and one set (P2) for less formal meetings such as consideration of proposals in the EC discussion forum.  The...

25 Sep

The Formal Meeting has received the nominations from the DMNs for IRSA committees.  In due course, invitations will be sent out to committee members by the committee chairmen, Graham Bantock for the Technical Committee, and Terry Rensch for the...

12 Aug

The IRSA Executive Committee Formal Meeting following the GA will open on Wednesday 20 August 2014.  The agenda is unchanged from the 'step 1' version.