as during the last annual meeting there were only two officers available/elected to the executive committee. The members voted now during extra urgent meeting for a new executive committee. 

As per the cut off (September 11) date we have the following nominations:

(1) The Chair of the EC =                                      Bruce Andersen / USA
(2) The Secretary =                                               Pierre Parent / FRA
(3) The Chair of the Racing Rules Committee =   Gordon Davis / IRL
(4) The Chair of the Events Committee =              Pierre Gonnet / FRA
(5) The Regional Officers for Americas =              Chuck Millican / USA

As all position are not contested the respective positions are elected by acclamation. 

The following positions remain vacant at this point:

(1) The Vice Chair of the EC
(2) The Treasurer
(3) The Chair of the Technical Committee
(4) The Publicity Officer.
(5) The Regional Officers for Europe
(6) The Regional Officers for Oceania