The Executive Committee

EC Chairman: Steve Landeau
Vice Chairman: Bernard Merlaud
Secretary: Selwyn Holland
Publicity Officer: Henning Faas
Treasurer: to be co-opted
Technical Committee Chairman: Robert Grubisa
Racing Rules Committee Chairman: Gordon Davies
Events Committee Chairman: Pierre Gonnet
RO Americas: John Ball
RO Europe: Matteo Longhi
RO Oceania: Glenn Dawson

A very special thanks to the retiring members for all the time and work you have put in. A lot of good things have been achieved and more are underway.

EC Chairman: Lester Gilbert (2014-2018)
TC Chairman: Graham Bantock (2014-2018)
Racing Rules Chairman: Patrick Vilain (2016-2018)
Treasurer: Eric Van der Kindere (2016-2018)
RO Americas: Bob Wells (2016-2018)