For years, especially before major events, it is discussed whether participants are eligible to participate who have previously participated in not sanctioned by World Sailing events.

Requirements by World Sailing RRS:
World Sailing Eligibility is required for all competitors who wish to enter Radio Sailing World Championships, and Competition Eligibility is required for any Radio Sailing event. Eligibility can be revoked if the competitor is guilty of gross misconduct (RRS 69.1), drug abuse (RRS 5), or participates in a Prohibited Event in the previous 2 years.

Reasons to become a prohibited event:

  1. The event is said to be a World Championship when it has not received approval.
  2. The event does not include an affiliated body in its organisation (RRS 89.1). Typically this is because an unaffiliated class organises an event without officially involving an affiliated club. IRSA’s interest here is in an event which sets out to attract competitors from a number of countries and is reasonably described as “International”.
  3. The event is not run under the RRS.

Actions taken by IRSA for future events:

  • “IRSA will judge the actions needed to ensure equality, consistency, and quality in racing, and impartiality, confidence, and trust in event results, particularly in international events, as desired and expected by the community of Radio Sailors and as laid down in the rules."
  • “If it so judges, following the issue of a Notice of Race, IRSA will notify an event as a Possibly Prohibited Event in order that affected parties may receive advance warning, and in order that the event organiser may seek timely advice and assistance from IRSA.
  • “If it so judges, IRSA will pursue sanctions against competitors, Race Officials, or IRSA Members, proportionate to the harm actually suffered and which is proportionate to the fault and responsibility inherent in the actions of those involved."
  • “IRSA will always consider whether other actions, such as education or rule change, may be needed or desirable in addition to or instead of sanctions.”