Executive Committee
S-1 Publish EC and committee officers voting records. summary status closed
S-2 Set guidelines for committee operations. summary status closed
S-3 Establish class committees, one for each of the M, 10R, and A International classes. summary status closed
S-3b Electing Class Committee Chairmen closed
S-4 Provide a first version of the IRSA Regulations closed
S-5 Review the IOMICA Agreement. summary status closed
S-7a Approve Technical Committee membership summary status closed
S-7b Approve Organisation and Policy Committee membership summary status closed
S-7c Approve Racing Committee membership summary status closed
S-8 Establish an Events Committee (essentially reviving the position of “International Regatta Officer”). Rename "Racing Committee" to "Racing Rules Committee" closed
S-9 Establish an Infocomms Committee open
S-10 Review the establishment of a Measurement committee open
S-11 Establish an IRSA EC blog. open
S-12 Establish the Treasurer terms of reference, co-opt the Treasurer open
S-13 Review the office of Vice Chairman open
S-14 Revise EC and Officer terms of reference open
S-15 Establish an independent Elections Officer who is not an interested party to manage the EC election process open
S-16 Revise the IRSA Regulations closed
S-17 Review the incorporation of IRSA as a charity under UK law open
S-18 Revise the IRSA Constitution closed