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Championships Championship Regulations 2013
Questionnaire (.doc format)
Entry Form
Effective date 01 January 2013
Effective date 26 February 2013

Racing Sailing Instructions Guide 2012
Addendum Q - Umpired Fleet Racing for Radio-Controlled Boats
Advice notes for Addendum Q
SYRPH - System for Reducing Protest Hearings
HMS 2013  This document is copyright MYA
Notice of Race
Recommended Amendment to RRS E6
HRS 2004
Effective date   01 July 2012
Effective date   06 June 2014
Effective date   06 June 2014
Effective date   15 September 2013
March 2013     uploaded May 2014
October 2003
October 2002
February 2004
Trophies  World Radio Sailing Championships
International 10 Rater - the Canada Cup
International One Metre - the South Africa Cup
International Radio A Class - the Highlander Trophy
 and the Team of Three Trophy
International Radio Marblehead - the Yachting World Trophy
currently in the possession of (at 29/11/2013)
IRSA Publicity Officer
Rob Walsh (2013 World Champion)
Graham Bantock (2005 World Champion)
Ken Binks, Derek Moreland and Robert Hobbs
Brad Gibson (2012 World Champion)
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